Saturday, October 28, 2006

Vakapuna's Example

After Fui Vakapuna scored BYU's first touchdown today in the win over Air Force, I told my 4-year-old son that Vakapuna had been a missionary here in Orange County (actually in the Carlsbad Mission, which extends into southern OC), and that I had seen him when he was assigned to another ward at the church building we previously attended. When my son heard this, he said, "That's neat that he was a missionary here!"

What a great example. My son has begun to show an interest--thankfully, from my standpoint--in watching BYU football with me. Any time someone in a higher-profile position does (or has done) something worthy of praise, it can be an influence for good. I'm glad to see a high percentage of LDS players on the team going on missions, and I wish that virtually all LDS players would go on missions. I'm reminded of the fact that, when LDS leaders have said that every worthy young man should go on a mission, they didn't say, "with the exception of athletes".

I incidentally resisted the (considerable, for me) urge to go up and talk BYU football to Fui when I saw him at church, as I had heard that he was commendably focused on his mission and downplayed his status as a football player.

Incidentally #2: I was whoo-hooing after Michael Reed scored BYU's second touchdown today, when my 4-year-old initiated this exchange: "Daddy?" "Yes?" "Sometimes you're a little loud."

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