Saturday, February 02, 2008

Final Post

I have very reluctantly concluded that I do not have the time necessary to continue writing about BYU sports. Articles about athletics usually need to be posted in a timely fashion, but my work schedule and other priorities prevent me from being able to write in such a manner.

I have often felt the urge to write, but knew that by doing so I was using time that I might otherwise spend with my children. My efforts to do my "real" job well, and to put myself in a position to advance and so ensure the coverage of my children's future education expenses, leaves me with very little time during the week. Thus, my only free time comes on Saturdays. By letting go of my passion for commenting on Cougar sports, I can hopefully interact more with my children. The likely alternative will have me looking back after they are grown and wishing I had done things differently.

One of the reasons I have less free time than some might, is that my oldest child is autistic. He is "low-functioning" (a term that anyone who is somewhat familiar with autism will recognize), and thus requires attention for things that other children his age would not: he is unable to bathe himself, put on his own clothes without direction, or brush his teeth, among many other things.

The reason I started blogging is that it is said that one should do something for which one is passionate. I had hopes to bridge this blog to a website,, for which I intend to maintain rights to the URL. If circumstances in the future change for me, allowing me to do something that requires timeliness, I will work on that again. Until then, if I do have occasional free time, I have decided to write a book on life with my autistic son. If nothing else, it would provide people a glimpse into a situation for which, in the experience of my wife and myself, many have some interest but very little knowledge.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who have read this blog. Obviously, a person who writes wants to see people reading it. I appreciate those of you who have done so. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...
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RC said...

Thanks for all the info.

Anonymous said...

Let me know if you get that new blog up and i'll swap you a link!

James said...

RC and Billy,
I checked out your new blog--it looks great, and I have added it to my Google Reader. It's good to see more BYU fans getting into the act. Will let you know if I get my site (or another blog) up and running.