Saturday, September 06, 2008

New Post--BYU vs. UW Comment

I guess I am "repenting of my oath" not to write any more. I continue to see hits to this blog (not many, of course), and I do still have the urge to write. I am not quite as overwhelmed as I was previously, but I nevertheless can't bring myself to do this on a regular basis. So, anyone who has occasionally checked this blog for an update can now expect to see something new from time to time.

I didn't like the officials' call on Jake Locker after scoring the touchdown with two seconds left to give the Huskies a chance to tie. They later issued a statement to the Washington coaching staff claiming that their hands were tied by an increased emphasis on this rule this year. If that is the case, I anticipate seeing more of that this season, and a revision of the rule next year. I remember that when the celebration rule was first instated, there was universal disgust with the application of it, and it was subsequently revised.

Nevertheless, it was as though the TV commentators were nearly certain of the longer extra point attempt being unsuccessful, which it ultimately was due to BYU blocking it. I almost wish that it hadn't been blocked, that the attempt had gone through, and that the game would have gone to overtime so we would not be subjected to all this crying about it--and I don't mean by Washington fans, actually; it is the media like ESPN claiming the game was lost on this call that bothers me.

What is the probability of a 35-yard field goal, straight down the middle, failing in college football? Even with the problems BYU had in the kicking game last year--the Cougars attempted fewer field goals than any other team due to Mitch Payne's injury, if I remember correctly--I would like their chances in that situation. The likelihood of such a kick being blocked is even less than the ball simply missing the mark.

Ultimately, Bronco Mendenhall's analysis was spot-on. He had said at halftime that the game would be won with execution. At the end of the game, he said there were plenty of calls that could have been made that weren't, the officials' call was not wrong, and BYU made the play they needed to win the game. I am impressed with them for blocking that kick. I frankly suspect that BYU would still have won the game in overtime; their offense was more consistent than that of Washington. For the Cougars to not even let it go to overtime by producing the surge necessary to end the game is noteworthy, and deserves far more attention than it has received.

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